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VIP Boost Jump and Wall Hack Grenade

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  • VIP Boost Jump and Wall Hack Grenade

    Hi all

    After I have noticed many complaints about some old and new new vip options we have listen and cared about your thought on the matter. As you already know we have taken off wallhack grenade and today we are going to be taken off the boost jump that so many of you wanted to see gone. Skins will remain on server as they do not really have that much of a advantage as they have been modified now. We might be seeing some new skins come on over the Xmas period. Have fun all xx

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    15vs15 awps im enjoying it ty i have fun you 2


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      OK boost boots is off totally now so please lets all stop whining and play the dam game


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        Leah Stacey if you want to be a good listener i'll tell you some good changes and what everyone wants and how to enjoy real CS on the server if you don't i'll just stop it here and keep my energy


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          Hi in the VIP removed Boost Jump and Wall Hack Grenade and infinite ammo without reloading?


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            Why, why?