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    yesterday i was ban for 30 min by this so called admin eros ... i dont understand why u give such power to such salty kids.... there is a lot of people complaining about this ... he banned me after he thought i wrote "rekt"... which ment for his team ... i dont have to much time to play in the week so i play on the weekends and this kid is ruining mine and lots of others experience... well ill just say it ... probably wont do much ... cuz the guys running the server kinda lazy ... giving a kid that young and salty admins rights,wonder what will happen if everyone who ever said rekt to my team get banned ...
    GJ seven kill administration- u are very not helpfull... and if u get salty on this post ... u should ask yourself why, cuz i smoke a lot. peace

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    Funny he is the one who stacks 24/7 and he's an admin, supposed to balance the teams and show sportmanship aka fair and generous behaviour or treatment of others. He just abuses his powers when he sees fit. Other than that he's just a derp nobody likes except his other rotten apple companions such as hayha, miss ace etc.
    Reason Team Stacking
    Banned by Admin Eros

    There's also no rule about team stacking, anyway nobody reads the forums and nobody gives a shit
    and everybody has to abide the rules except admins they do as they please.
    Our servers are primarily for the honest gameplay and for players who respects each other.
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      If they won't ban him for blatantly cheating then what are you people expecting here ?! lmfao