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RULES of SE7ENKILLS Industrial servers!!!

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  • RULES of SE7ENKILLS Industrial servers!!!

    RULES of SE7ENKILLS Industrial servers!

    General information:

    Our servers are primarily for the honest gameplay and for players who respects each other.

    Who does not belong to the above society, will have denied access to the servers.


    1. With connection to the server, you automatically agree to all rules of the servers.
    2. The administrator of game servers is the primary person on the server. Attempts to teach or to specify an administrator in his case could lead to kick, or ban.

    3. Never use any restricted software's (cheats, scripts, etc.) that gives you advantage over other players.
    Using any kind of cheats: permanent ban, in exceptional cases - a temporary ban from 2 weeks. The exceptional cases are: insignificance of superiority over other players, remorse.
    3.1 The administrator is competent in determining the type of bug, so he has the right to define and prohibit the use of mapmaker errors.
    Using bugs: Warning, then ban, after the second attempt: Ban 2 weeks.

    4. It is forbidden to be rude to people in any language. Under the rudeness gets any insult to the players or the administrators on the server. Not allowed to insult players. All forms of racism and sexism are also prohibited. The list of sanctions set out in paragraphs 4.1 - 4.5.
    4.1 Public insult: disable chat or microphone, kick, followed by ban: from 10min. to 1 hour
    4.2 When reconnecting and re-offending: Ban 1 hour
    4.3 Insult Administrator: Ban 2 weeks or permanent ban.

    5. It is forbidden to use foul language (swearing) in writing and voice chat. Sanction: kick. Repeated use: Ban 1 hour, then ban from 1 to 7 days.

    6. It is forbidden to deliberately attack the players of his team, with the aim of harming. Violators will be banned or kicked. If you killed your player, you should consult with an apology in public chat. Sanction: kick. Repeated use: Ban 1 hour.

    7. It is forbidden to use sprays containing the image of a *****graphic, obscene or offensive content, and spray depicting player models, designed to mislead the enemy team.

    8. The following options are prohibited in nicknames and sprays:
    - Contain a hint of racial or national superiority, promoting discrimination.
    - Offensive and / or obscene.
    - Pertaining to pedophilia, disability or the effects of abuse.
    - In any way causing insult to a certain ethnic or racial groups.
    - Directly or indirectly related with sexual intercourse or violence.
    - Contain images dismemberment of the bodies of animals and humans, or an image of the lower biological functions and reflexes of animals and people.
    - Fully or partly contain copyrighted and / or registered trademarks elements.
    - Contain information that may lead to an erroneous perception of the User, as a representative of the Administration.
    - Containing acronyms, expressions or phrases using obscene language.
    - Contain direct or indirect promotion of alcohol and drugs, as well as containing images of drugs or during their use.
    The list of sanctions set out in subparagraphs.

    8.1 When is used forbidden nickname or avatar, the administrator has the right to ask the player to change it. If this does not happen within 5 minutes: Kick at the repeated administrator request to the player, followed by non-compliance with a request issued by the administration: Ban 1 hour, then 7 days.

    9. It is forbidden to flood during the gameplay. If you want to repeat your message, write again after some time. Advertising in chat is prohibited.
    The Administrator may issue a warning or block player chat or/and microphone, at repeated infringement follows permanent block of chat and microphone.

    10. It is forbidden to flash teammates. Sanction: at the discretion of the administrator, but no more than 30 minutes.

    11. Not allowed deviation from the task - failure to specify the player described in the map briefing, when there are all possibilities: the player who plays for terrorists with a bomb, does not put a bomb while on bombsite, and he did not interfere with the opponent players; the player who plays for the CT does not save the hostages being close to them, and it does not interfere with the opponent players, and the team has a numerical advantage CT. Sanction: Warning.

    12. Prohibited monitoring (obtaining information about the location of mobile objects on the map (players, weapons, bomb, hostages) other than through its own monitor or speakers / headphones) is equivalent to the use of cheats.
    Sanction: Ban 7 days

    13. It is forbidden for a long time to be in the "Spectator" when you're away from your computer, tell the administrator that soon will return. All players, who for no reason are in observer or just stand at the spawn for 3-4 rounds. Sanction: Kick. Immunity from the kick, have the player's with a reserved slot and administrators.

    14. Prohibited flood the microphone, respect those who play with you. It is also forbidden to use the microphone for private conversations and negotiations that are not related to the gameplay. Sanction: Warning.
    15. The right to require the Administrator to explain the ban reason. But don't prove to Administrator or to condemn his actions.

    16. The right to create a topic with explanations in the game-forum, if player does not agree with the actions of the Administrator.

    17. It is prohibited campaigning and advertising third-party servers. Sanction: ban for a month or permanent ban.

    18. For violation of any paragraph of the rules of game servers: should alert, kick or a ban on the discretion of the server administrator.

    The level of immunity players.

    1. The level of the players is the jurisdiction of immunity to a particular administrators level.

    2. Immunity player is awarded after two or more unjustified bans. Depending on the administrator issuing a series of unfounded bans, the player is given an appropriate level of immunity.

    The player with VIP-status:

    1. Has the same rights and obligations as a player without VIP status.

    2. Has the right to enjoy all the privileges.

    3. (Applies only to CS: GO servers) It is prohibited to abuse the ability of kick (unreasonable kick, kick an administrator), should be warned, banned for 1 day, then the deprivation of the right to kick. For unjustified VIP Player kick: 1 day ban, followed by deprivation of the right to kick.


    1. Must support the game, so that it would meet most of the players needs, with respect to the server.

    2. Obliged to explain the reason for the ban or kick. And he has the ability to write reports on issued bans. The administrator doesn't need to listen any explanations.

    3. Confers immunity, which defines its status on the server.

    4. Has the right to ban a player when:
    - Cheat detection;
    - Rudeness;
    - Offending player;
    - Flooding;
    - In other cases, described in the "Player".

    5. Has the right to:
    - Make decisions that are not described in the regulations;
    - Kick spectator;
    - Limit the "AWP" in the ratio of 1 pc. to 5 players per team;
    - To take any measures to improve the gameplay on the server.

    6. Do not have the right to:
    - Insult the players;
    - Use the server administration tools for personal purposes as well as for entertainment purposes (arson, freezing, and so on);
    - Violate the ratio to limit the "AWP"
    - Be an administrator on other servers, exception is technical administrators.

    7. Ban can remove administrator who issued it, exception is Chief administrator.

    8. It is forbidden to ban administrators.

    9. Forbidden agitate the transition to third-party servers, and their advertising. Sanction: full deprivation of admin rights and a permanent ban.

    10. The administrator does not kick or ban players, because of the standard nickname: Your name, unnamed, Your name (1), unnamed (1) ... or the reason for not changing nickname.

    11. In case of violation of the above prohibitions, followed by sanctions: remark, reprimand (partial or complete loss of rights), complete deprivation of rights (without the right to reserved slot).

    The level of administrator immunity.

    1. Each administrator have immunity level, which defines its status on the server.

    2. The levels of immunity of administrators:
    - 10 levels and more (have the standard features of the administration)
    - 30 levels and more (have opportunities available at level 10, oversee the administrator on probation and do on the basis of this conclusion, consider the application for the post of administrator in the reserve)
    - 50 levels and more (have the opportunities that are available in 10 and 30 levels, have the right to review all bans and remove them, considering complaints against administrators and conclude decision on this basis)
    - 80 levels and more (have the opportunities that are available in 10, 30, 50 levels, vested with the right to remove administrator rights to level 30, within the server assigned to them, are able to use advanced commands)

    3. Increase the level
    - The level of immunity level 10 issued administrators have successfully completed the probationary period.
    - Increase the level of immunity can be up to 30 levels of seniority or with the active involvement of the players really buy VIP status.
    - Level 50 and above shall be designated as the administrator in its sole discretion.

    The procedure for issuing administrative rights:

    1. To offer its candidacy as an administrator you need to write an application to the relevant topics (CSS | CSGO)

    2. All approved applications fall into the pool. Applications will be considered the chief administrator or administrators with the level of immunity of at least 30 approved applications are marked: "passed in reserve" and reject the application "application is rejected," indicating the reason.

    3. Set the administration opens chief administrator at their own discretion. When you open a set of administration of the reserve shall review applications received chief administrator.

    4. Provided the probationary period for new administrators. The supervision over them will carry the administrators with the level of immunity of at least 30 within a month. On the basis of the conclusions of the administrator level 30 or more will decide the if they will be as permanent administrators.

    4.1 Administrator stays on probation. These administrators have some limitations compared to the standard administration capabilities. In case of violation of the above rules, the latest stage of sanctions - full divestment.

    5. Administrator rights are issued by a decision of the chief administrator, or on the recommendation of the administrator with a level of immunity of at least 50. In exceptional cases, the decision of the general administration of the composition.

    Administrator rights are removed:

    1. By decision of the chief administrator.

    2. When received numerous complaints from players.

    3. In case of violation of the rules.

    3.1 The systematic non-compliance with the rules.

    4. In the absence of an administrator on the server for the:
    1) 3 months - partly administrator rights removed, followed by the provision of back-up slot.
    2) half of the year - an administrator removed completely.
    3) If the administrator of advance warning about their absence, it shall not apply the above rule.

    5. After unsuccessful probation period.

    6. The rights can be withdrawn by Chief administrator, without explanation.
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