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    Originally posted by Justaguy View Post

    If you look at the list of players who have voted to remove it, some of them had gifted vips by other/admin (or i don't know that that have vip, i can't see it, you know, right? You restricted to vip vote?), but it's not the point, i intended the fact that a priori you shouldn't post it here.

    Still, you are pretty late, as i said before, we have a period, like a years ago, when everyone with vip/testvip used tag+smoke, so i can't understand why, now when it's not a issue anymore, you "говно мутишь"(not translatable), it's seams that some vip making you salty and you want it off, can i also point that you are one of those vip/admin who use it fulltime, as all other vips features, always bhopping around, giving yourself weapon and all features on (autoswitch/vampirism/nofall etc), so you are pretty incoherent, but you are not the onlyone, other who voted to off had vips abuse it very hard, and not in fun way Mass do it, but HardTrying ).

    You already have full/light vip, just remove it from light and, the most important (and i don't know if it's already done it) remove it from testvip.

    But i welcome other question about what new add to server, this is the way admins should think: what to add, not what to remove. Imho, or you remove vip at all, or there no reason to remove thing that existing for more that 2/3 years. I'm here for 5+ years, almost always vip was buyed, but it's done for maintaining server, as i had most of features off and before this year i was always on 11 server quite all the time.

    ps: i don't know if 11 server it's still the same, but it had vips off, so if someone had some problems with vips features, they can migrate to 11.
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      Originally posted by Leah Stacey View Post

      It wont happen VIP is not going completely just voting for one change only new human skin will be added
      Yeah ok, sure, I get the "market" value of it, then at least consider the AWP thing as other admins seem to agree, as Mass pointed out on what I pointed out in the first post we cannot restrict it for VIP's and then there is 0 difference in game play if I restrict to 2 per side plus 4 vip awp's. Six on one team is just what makes every map awp_lego map and not a plant or a rescue map. That was the point