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Ban Beruros permanent V4

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  • Ban Beruros permanent V4


    I'm again banned permanent from your servers 2 by the admin "mech", with reason : "Wallhack"

    I play sound, so i move my head in direction of songs (In the game, not in real life.. ^^), but i think that i do it more "hidden" that before for not be banned but today i get banned.

    I don't play in Russians servers for nothing, you Russians plays more "Soldiers" that the French players who play always safe, it's boring, and in your servers i play hard, that's what i like here, so i play hard, i play good, but today i was not so good that sometime. I play "normally" and i really don't understand the ban, i don't cheat, if play sound it's cheat, so we don't have the same experience of CS:S.

    I don't play since 2 years, i play CS:S since 6/7 years, it's my brother who make me discover this game, and i'm fall in love of this game, i don't gonna explain again my experience of this game, i already do it in other Posts for other bans.

    I understand before get banned "Ban" "Französich" (In russian, i don't know how it write) "Cheat", i say "?", kill someone and get banned, in de_alexandra_2, my favorite map always (Already said in my first post after my first ban).

    Since I play in your servers i really get better than before, but i have to be 100% in the game for play really good, i have a good Audio Helmet, the song of the game and the sounds are really high, so, in Alexandra, i listen shoot from Spawn T when i'm in sitebomb A, with time i learn of recognize the distance of the sounds, I die only if there is so much song, or no one and you camp like a bot, if you run i localise you easy, and after i kill you in 90% of cases.

    I really hope that this problem gonna be resolve, because i'm fucking hot for play CS:S ...


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    сюда и согласно форме на первой странице. забыл,учим русский,он вам скоро пригодится.