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About VIP status

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  • About VIP status

    [CS:GO] SE7ENKILLS servers provides personal privileges-status VIP

    VIP benefits:

    - Immunity from plug-ins: weapon restrict, antikamp, voteban, etc.
    - Unique skins
    - Vip chat
    - Anti team flash
    - Immune to fall damage
    - Free movement between teams
    - BunnyHop
    - Auto silencer on supported weapons
    - Dissolving dead bodies (optional)
    - Blocking teammate's damage (including HE-grenade)
    - Grenade trails
    - Opportunity to drop all kind of weapons (including knives and grenades)
    - Opportunity make spray's
    - Reset statistic on request, any time (full/partial reset)

    - Includes all the benefits described above
    - HP regeneration
    - Unlimited ammo
    - Opportunity to heal teammates

    3 $ a month for a single server. 1 $ for every additional server

    Discounts: 3% - Six Months, 8% Year

    After payment you must send a request

    Payment options and information:

    WebMoney: Z118306260923

    : 4276 7200 1203 41**

    : ansikun@gmail.com

    Bitcoin: 165inPtyQL3QN4vokZnhKUuGs9vgPMu2ey

    Details marked as * (star) you can get by sending request

    P.S. All received funds will go to the maintenance and development of the project (se7enkills).
    Последний раз редактировалось Master Chief; 04.04.2017, 17:26.

  • #2
    That's a Damm good Deal


    • #3
      VIP sux and is for cunts


      • #4
        I have just bought VIP access via your website and got my code, but the code does not work???
        I am typing in console "vip activation key (then the code in here)
        but nothign happens ((((

        Please help or advise.

        I am english also so hard to find help

        I just noticed the link to "send a request" so i have now, Asking for access to server 9 and server 7. I paid the 1 month fee. yesterday via paypal. What do i need to do now?
        Последний раз редактировалось biNki; 12.10.2017, 02:56.


        • #5
          Hello, I also paid for VIP 4- days ago, maybe a week, still waiting. Anyone dealing with it? I filled in the form. thanks. STEAM_0:1:442715

          Shop is easier for future reference: https://se7en.ws/cat/game-servers/csgo/
          Последний раз редактировалось Roy; 13.01.2018, 06:56.