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I think we should ban no steamers now

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  • I think we should ban no steamers now

    As the title says now CSGO is totally free so there is no point of playing on no steam or pirated version. If anyone is insisting to play on no steam then he is not clean for sure. He is afraid of getting VAC ban or not able to use his hacks. In my opinion we should start banning no steamers with the reason "GET ORIGINAL GAME & REJOIN". Rest is upto head admins but I don't like no steamers now for sure.

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    The reason there are non steam users is to populate the server, nobody will come to an empty server and wait there 30min for a 2nd player to connect. The reason they dont get steam is because they can use free skins.. or they use the launcher app. from se7enkills to connect to this server.


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      As good as that would be. The 7launcher and nonsteams using it are a part of the project.

      Voteban mass killer.