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  • VIP Skins # 7 Server

    Slight conflict of interests here....

    Just had a couple of VIPs in #7 server with skins on.. despite me and everyone else asking them yo remove them they refused..we played 3-4 games both players with skins were in top 3-4 after each game... I could hear players on my side moaning about the skins.. finally players started to leave the server after puting comments in chat about cheating admins!!

    The rules say:
    The player with VIP-status:
    1. Has the same rights and obligations as a player without VIP status.
    2. Has the right to enjoy all the privileges.

    Admins must:
    1. Must support the game, so that it would meet most of the players needs, withrespect to the server.

    Roy..your call mate...