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Cheater report ZverKa

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  • Cheater report ZverKa

    Player named ZverKa going ham on the server with wallhack and aimbot on cache

    17960 22 "ZverKa" STEAM_1:0:690939576 17:29 151 0 active 196608

    78% hs on ct and t side, aiming true the wall at people constantly for the head before peaking

    Deane is on the server but refuses to do anything, im not sure if he is afk or not...

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    Thats because when I was Spectating him and I was for quite a while he didnt do anything to warrant a permban, some lucky shots and some good positioning but nothing solid.. and im sorry Juba I cant ban someone on someone elses word...even someone of your experiance. If he is cheating/hacking he`ll be back and if I catch him doing it i will more than happily bash him with the Big Ban Hammer