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    game name : XeE_GhOsT

    real name : zeeshan abid

    ban reason : no reason given just text "YOU HAVE BANNED FROM THIS SERVER CHECK for more info."

    Ban time: 11 aug 2016, 11:50 pm Gmt +5 PAKISTAN KARACHI i have captured pics so i got time from there.

    steam id : 76561201474759408

    admin who banned me : i dont know who was he but admin legendary was online who is my friend and i play with him

    i want to say : admins are my friends and i play in se7en kills just because of my friend Legendary who is admin and i do not CHEAT never even searched for it because its uselss .. if i cheat then its like why would i play then if i have no skills or i just cheat to ruin others gameplay and mine too ??. i dont cheat .. if reason is cheat or hack. im fair player kinda pro ...and i just saw the text like .i was also bit lagging and . i was stucked in game and boom .. YOU have been banned from this server this . no reason was given but if there is any please tell me ... if i am wrong or any problem with me then sure i will try to fix it. PLEASE HELP ME OK? THANK YOU ! peace
    Last edited by XeE_GhOsT; 12.08.2016, 12:22. Reason: corrected the information and mentioned the time