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Problem with cheaters

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  • Problem with cheaters

    I am very disappointed with situation on your server #7 in last 7 days. I really loved this server, players who played, good atmosphere among players, but in last 7 days appeared to be a lot of players who uses wh, some players aim. That is not a problem when admin is present,but when is not present ...I lost alost 1000 points in this last 7 days (not only because that) I'm 57 years old and no more nervs for it. I'd like You to do something on this issue, to cover with admins all terms on server. I applied for an admin for it, although in essence i don't want to spoil the feeling of playing because that obligation ( i'm very carefull with the ban option, i don't want the innocent to ban ). Please do something.

    Greetings BAN3

  • #2
    1) Don't use google translate,I didn't get most of your topic. Google translation is horrible.
    2) We are looking for admins all the time. (If that was your problem). But we can't get admins for whole 24h, it's just impossible. That's why we have
    3) Yes you did send request on admin position. I will tell you even more, I send you the message as well, but looks like you don't read your Facebook messages.

    P.S Sorry that I replay so late. But we all are humans with own life and problems.