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  • Admin Breaking the rule

    Since last few days Admin: Xldeane is asking me to take off the skin, So that it justifies other players. Since i didn't hear him...he slayed me during thge crucial point of te match.

    All i'm asking is why the hell you sell VIP saying with skins?
    Since Vip comes with couple of skins!! That's upto me to decide to wear it or not right?

    And on top of that just because im talking about skins in the server i told Xldeane that "You are the only admin asking me to take off the skin while other admins are allowing it. What is your problem?"
    and you can see te reply...

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    Firstly you did hear me because you answered me and then choose to ignore me..all the other players on my team were calling you a cheater ..for wearing a skin. Players were leaving the server because of you. I wrote in the online chat 5-6 times if you would be so considerate to take off your skin. You then swore at me (i was deeply offended) and continuded to try and belittle me and undermine an Admins authority.

    Admin rules/guidlines quote:

    1. Must support the game, so that it would meet most of the players needs, with respect to the server.

    2. Obliged to explain the reason for the ban or kick. And he has the ability to write reports on issued bans.

    3. Confers immunity, which defines its status on the server.

    4. Has the right to ban a player when:
    - Cheat detection;
    - Rudeness;
    - Offending player;

    - Flooding;
    - In other cases, described in the "Player".

    I didnt ban you, kick you or abuse you....

    Are you that bad a player that you have to have the massive advantage that a skin gives you ??