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unban FapLord

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  • unban FapLord

    So basicly i got banned for having wallhack but the true story behind it is that i randomly shot 2 guys true some witch was admin and he was pissed on already and i got him true some he raged even more and Banned me for reason of wallhack... i think u shoud get better admins i wish that Who i am was there he knows i don't cheat ask him about FapLord if i ever was acting like even litle bit that I might cheat im not gonna say the admins name but if u unban me i will.

  • #2
    If im correct admin can only ban players if they have proof of someone hacking not just get angry and ban someone it dose not work that way....


    • #3
      yeah i mean i'm not sure if you cheating or not i played with you sometimes and you seems normal to me.. write an unban request

      Good day.